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I am Desiree Flerchinger LMT, RPP

(Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Polarity Practitioner)


I work with what I like to describe as scar tissue in the energy field of the body. This is usually caused by some kind of trauma, either being physical or emotional. These scars can be stored in any of the fascia layers, muscles, bones and even in the spaces in the body. They cause aches, pains, loss of movement, depression, disease, and blocks in your life.

Cranial Unwinding and Polarity are the modalities I use. Feeling the cranial wave (cranial unwinding) and the meridian lines (polarity) leads me to the blocks that hold the “energetic scar” in the body. I’m then guided most commonly by feelings that I begin to receive in my own body, but also from impressions, visions and sound. All along I’m communicating with the client to see if  their body resonates. Using my intuition and protocols, each session is unique, and I’m always amazed as to what shows up, unfolds, and releases.

Clients are the one’s who heal themselves. I help facilitate the discovery of what their body is trying to communicate to them. I am blessed to witness miracles with this work, and feel so honored to be in the presence of the courage and vulnerability of my clients. Sessions are held with compassion, understanding and are judgment free.

I feel fortunate to have found Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Tempe, Arizona. This is where I received my Massage licensee, Cranial Unwinding Certificate and Registered Polarity Practitioner.

If you are interested in a session and/or if you would like more information contact me.

~ Desiree 

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