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Angelina Jackson

I had been suffering from a pulled hamstring along with a budging disk that caused great discomfort in my low back, it was really debilitating especially since my job is so physical.


I had not heard of polarity until I met Des, she explained to me what it was and how she went about with the healing.


Our first session was awesome, she walked me through listened and opened my senses. I felt great it was a truly moving experience. Refreshed and rejuvenated I would recommend this to everyone. Enjoy!

Carrie Holycross

I have had the pleasure of receiving Polarity sessions from Desiree Flerchinger on many occasions. Each time she created a space for me where I could feel safe and honored. In one session she stopped the beginning of an Aura Migraine in its tracks…just gone and I was able to carry on with the rest of my day. If you have ever had this type of migrain they can be very scary and disorienting. Imagine my gratitude when she help to release this fear and pain from my body.”

“In another session she was able to connect with my spirit and help me to remove energetic places of darkness that I had allowed to take up space in my system. Hard to describe them, but I knew exactly what she was talking about when she asked if someone had wanted to harm me energetically. She handled this knowledge without fear and helped me to release this energy that was causing me emotional and physical pain. Desiree is confident in her abilities and combined with her strong intuition and connection with spirit she is able to hold a space of trust and safe exploration.”

“Thank you Desiree for sharing your gifts and abilities with us!

Carry Williams

Desiree, I keep seeing your posts and I’ve been wanting for some time to provide some (unsolicited) feedback. As you know, before our session I expressed my innate skepticism regarding various types of body work, while at the same time remaining open to possibilities. I like to think of it as a scientific approach, where nothing should be accepted or ruled out without at least having had some experience of the thing.


That being said, I cannot express how much your work helped me. You might recall my stating that my back hadn’t felt so great and loose and natural in maybe 15 or more years.


I’ve seen some great physical therapists over the years, as well as amazing acupuncturists and masseuses, all who have helped to some degree. Clinical data abounds regarding the efficacy of those methods–yet you managed to do in one session what no one had accomplished over a period of many years.


I don’t know if everyone experiences this degree of success (although a great number of posts on your page lead me to believe that they do), but I will say that if anyone is reading this or considering giving it a go, I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised at the results. And now we return to your regular programming…

Linda DeSantis

Desiree is an amazing healer. I saw her for joint problems (knees and shoulders) and was very pleased at the results. A day after our session I was pain-free and have felt fantastic ever since. Do yourself a favor and get a polarity session from her. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Lori Ann Gilbert

Two years ago I suffered a serious lower back injury that left me, an avid runner adventurer and dog saver, practically immobile. Unable to work or exercise, I was convinced that I would never run again. My heart broke when I could no longer care for the puppy I had been fostering at the time.


The simple act of sitting, caused severe pain. X-rays showed that I had a dislocated sacrum, many misaligned vertebrates and a possible hairline fracture. After enduring constant sciatica, several months of chiropractic adjustments, paired with deep tissue massage (not spa-like) and daily rounds of ice therapy, L&I demanded I close my claim and concluded that I had NO permanent damage. My Chiropractor requested an MRI in order to get a more accurate diagnosis and insurance extension, but L&I denied his request. I went back to work, but could only work part- time.


A year later, I was still wearing ice packs for most of the day, eating ibuprofen like candy, and suffering from painful sciatica. I went back to the Chiropractor and after three visits, he referred me to a Physical Therapist who adjusted my sacrum and prescribed a core workout that would help stabilize my spine. He assured me, that I would run again. Hopeful, I went for a short run. I lasted a half mile and had to ice back for the rest of the day.


It wasn’t until my cranial/sacral session with Desiree that I’d felt like myself again. Soon after the session, I made it through a two hour drive home without pain! A week after my session with Desiree, I drove for five hours to Lake Ozette, hiked 4 miles to the beach, slept in a tent for two nights, and hiked 4 miles back to Lake Ozette with very little pain. I am still amazed at what she did for me in only one session. I am running again and have only suffered five sacrum dislocations and minor sciatica since then.

My Physical Therapist is impressed with my progress and attributes my success to core exercises, and cranial/sacral therapy.

Thank you Desiree!

Ann Alexander - a believer

I recently attended one of Desiree (and Linda)’s classes on the chakras. In that class, I was given an initial polarity/reiki mini-session which profoundly changed my perception.


It was that evening that I decided to have a full session with Desiree. The following week, Desiree worked her magic. Let me explain… for 3-4 years, I have had a pain in my lower right flank area. I have tried physical therapy, ultrasounds, CAT scans, even an MRI. Doctors have been unable to actually diagnose anything and, yet, they are quick to put me on pain medications. The pain was significant and even debilitating at times, especially at night.


So going into the session with Desiree, I was still somewhat skeptical but, also, open to the process. I felt invigorated right after the session and then felt sluggish. That night, I slept. I slept the whole night and sprang from my bed in the morning. Approximately two hours later, I realized the enormity of what had happened the night before and what my future held for me too. I am now five days post and feel energetic and (mostly) pain free.


My perception of my pain, my trials, my life have inexplicably changed in a more positive way. If you have troubles, be they physical, mental, spiritual, call Desiree … don’t put it off – relief is at her fingertips. She is definitely gifted and, if nothing else, you get to spend time with this amazing human being.


Call today…you won’t regret it.

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